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CRM Software: A tool for better organizational management

CRM stands for Customer Relation Management, it is a software which manages any organization, internally and externally.

In simple terms, with reference to internally and externally clause; it streamlines processes and keeps the customers connected.

CRM Software consumes large data, organizes it, uses it and then exits it in the form of a performance gauge.

ERP and CRM Software Integration:

ERP acronyms for Enterprise Resource Planning, it is a software which monitors, handles and controls business operations.

CRM is a part of Enterprise Resource Planning Modules, its main function includes customer-oriented opportunities.

ERP is a building as a whole and consider CRM it’s one of the pillars, along with HRM, Finance, Accounts, Distribution and Inventory.

Functions of CRM Software:

Functions of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are given below:

  • It acquires and stores information.
  • It properly communicates with the network.
  • It manages customers, clients and in house staff.
  • It increases sales.
  • It improves quality.
  • It controls cost.
  • It automates workflow.

Features of CRM Software:

Features of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are given below:

  • It conducts market surveys.
  • It manages complaints.
  • It generates leads and follow-up tracking.
  • It forecasts sales.
  • It accesses remote data.
  • It includes customers and clients’ profiles.
  • It includes 360* company view.

Types of CRM Software:

Following are the three types of CRM Software given below:

  1. Complaint Management.
  2. Survey Management.
  3. Sales Management.


Complaint Management:

  • Complaint type management.
  • Assigned task management.
  • Query received and processed.
  • Complaint ratio comparison.
  • SMS Notification.


Survey Management:

  • GEO Tagging.
  • Location Analysis.
  • Market Potential.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • Data Mining.


Sales Management:

  • Plan, assign, and track task review.
  • SMS, Call and email reminders.
  • Overview schedule wise activities.
  • Activity tracking; daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Cloud-based access.

How CRM Software is made to be Best CRM among the rest:

The best CRM includes certain following mentioned traits:

  • It includes contact management.
  • It includes lead management.
  • It includes sales forecasting.
  • It includes instant message communication between employees.
  • It includes email tracking.
  • It includes integration of the domain software with third party applications.
  • It includes dashboard wise analysis and reports.


The best of CRM Software in the globe:

Following is the list of best CRM Softwares


  • Salesforce CRM,
  • SAP CRM,
  • Oracle CRM,
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM,
  • Nimble CRM,
  • Sugar CRM,
  • Hub spot CRM
  • CRM Creatio.


Ending Remarks:


CRM is used by the small, medium and large enterprises in the domain of Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative ground.

CRM Software has its database, in which it connects all its whereabouts and integrates them in a single application system.

Though the CRM Software in return increases the business revenue, builds relationship network and reduces operational cost.



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