Modern Day ERP Systems Advancement

Modern Day ERP Systems Advancement


ERP is essential for modern businesses. With the rise of AI, mobile app development and businesses are ready to take any decision to heart. ERP systems are increasingly dynamic.

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Businesses today face unprecedented technological advances. In addition, trends such as the use of IT have reduced the ability of CIOs to determine which technologies are used alongside the corporate network.

As trends like your own device (BYOD) continue to take effect, IT needs to embrace new technologies for several reasons.

Besides missing out on all the potential benefits, being overly professional with tech employees can lead to the emergence of parallel IT risks.

When IT solutions are developed or adopted without explicit organizational approval.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP), in particular, has a lot to gain from taking an independent approach to new inventions.

Here are five tech trends that I believe have the potential to shape the future of ERP, if properly implemented.

The Internet of Things: 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that provides goods and types of equipment such as cars and electrical devices, with the ability to transfer data over a network without any human communication.

Wearable technology: 

It was one of the highlights of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and Gartner predicts the wearable tech market will grow to $18 billion by 2021.

Big data analytics: 

Organizations have become increasingly dependent on IT and, as a result, have collected a large amount of data that has traditionally been underutilized.

As the IoT connects tools and employees to the Internet, the production of this data is expected to increase rapidly.

The age of context: 

Business is booming in the multi-channel world, using technology that understands your situation, what information you would like to see, and how you would like to see it will start to have a real impact on performance.

PC and mobile applications will quickly integrate contextual awareness functionality to assess user needs and improve the performance of daily tasks.

Opening business to innovation:

In the coming years, wearable technology, IoT, and big data analytics are expected to revive business processes in various industry sectors.

Organizations need to keep an eye on technological advancements, even those that may seem irrelevant.

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