Bs pro-Asstrix is a systemic software developed to record and manage audit reports, the excess of your assets, your transactions, and many other services in just one click. Moreover, this software will be an easy way for you to get the barcodes of your assets on your desired devices. We have built this software to save your time and efforts so that you can keep an eye on your business movements easily without any stress. 

Our team has made your work more uncomplicated by introducing a BS PRO ASSTRIX app from where you can make your smart devices your business management device by sitting anywhere in the world. This app is systemized in a vivid way that anyone can use.
Our team will guide you to the complete Bs Pro Asstix software with all their hearts.

An Analytical Software

Powerful Scanning Feature


User Friendly

Up-to-Date Records

Palm-Device App

Components Of BS PRO ASSTIRX
Audit Report

Audit Reports:

Through this software, you will get your audit reports according to the date by just putting the transaction number.

Asset List:

This software will keep you posted on your current assets by providing you with a complete asset list.

Assets List
QR code scanner

QR Code Scanner:

An amazing feature will come to your device by this outstanding software that your device will become a QR code scanner that will scan your asset’s barcodes.

Barcode Reader:

This software is so efficient that through its help you will get the barcodes of your assets and by putting these barcodes in the specific column you will be notified of all the transactions of that asset.

Close up hand scanning products with barcode scanner in warehouse.

Data Collection:

Bs pro-Asstrix will work as a helping hand in your business data collection. From the transaction to the ending statement of your assets, Bs Pro Asstrix will assist you by all means.

Missing Reports:

A benefit of this software is that you will get your missing audit reports. It mainly happens that some records are missed so with the help of this software you will get your missing reports of assets easily.

Electronic Invoice And E Receipt At Accountant Computer
Device App

Palm-Device App:

The core feature of this software is its palm-device app. This app will convert your portable devices into your business assistant which will be in your service 24/7 no matter where you are, it will provide each and every information about your assets in just one tap on your portable screen.