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GEN HRIS Services

GEN HRIS Services

GENTEC developed HRIS, which is abbreviated to Human Resource Information System, it is such software that unionized countable systems and processes to make sure the convenient handling of human resources, business processes, and data. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Software is being harnessed by loads of businesses to cumulate several necessary HR functions and to act as a piece of central machinery for any organization to operate in a different context.

An HRIS stores, processes and manages employee data, such as names, addresses, national IDs or Social Security numbers, visa or work permit information, and information about dependents. Storing employee data, managing payroll, recruitment, benefits administration, time and attendance, employee performance management, and tracking competency and training records, these are the essential HR functions that are the chain of the respective information system. The Human Resource Information System determines daily human resource management processes which are handy and accessible.

The HRIS conjoin human resources as a discipline and, in particular, its basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field, whereas the programming of data processing systems evolved into standardized routines and packages of (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning software

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