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We are Recommended By FBR

Federal Board of Revenue is a renowned corporation that specializes in income tax collection – saving you the hassle from the conventional manual techniques. It is a smart solution for your tax collection requirements since it brings live monthly posts that can be operated via a single link. You can now prevent any discrepancies or delays in your payments with just a single tap for your businesses.

To ensure the correct reporting of sales tax by retailer and the due tax from them, GENTEC POS is highly recommend to Tier-1 retailers by FBR.

The owner do not need to purchase any extra machinery to use this software, as they can easily integrate their system with our POS from the FBR website.

The biggest benefits of using this software is privacy, where your sales tax is safely sent to FBR, where you are given a QR code to check the latest and previous invoices and their tax percentage.

FBR recommended POS is vital for Restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies or grocery stores where they can check on to their payable tax with just one click, with no special training required to access this software.


We Work for your Business

It Incorporates Live Integration

Get live price and stock updates of your competitors in fractions of a second with just one click at your desired time.

Tax Paid and Collection Is formulated

Price Checker team understands the comfort of clients to map their products to categories for easy research and knowing the hierarchy of your product.

Invoice Reference Numbers are Available

The client can target a specific location for competitors and set the price of products in accordance with competitors in that particular area.

Written Files can be Created with This Data

Group similar products into one category and keep an eye on those products separately.

Invoice Reference Numbers can be Shared with Both Parties

Review the historical price of products ranging from days to months to years and make better pricing decisions for your business.

Monthly Reporting is Calculated

Aids in better assessment of competitor performance by alerting you when a competitor runs out of stock for a particular product, if you have the lowest selling price across competition as well as vice versa and much more.