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Technologies are modernizing and so are the industries. Business industries can be considered as the first categories of all because, when we refer to business it comes up with the meaning of growth, profit, spreading in the world. To manage a good business you need the best business management software which helps to make our business easier and more efficient than before. The new software technologies are helping us in making our business effortless and things are taking place with just one click.

Gentec is contributing to modernization in the business industry by providing business software solutions POS. It is a business software list in which you will find solutions to make your work facile and simple.


Business Solutions, a tool of business modeling. 


Business solutions can be defined as the solutions provided by the company or organizations to solve the issues or generate the solutions paths through which the business finds an easy way for moving ahead. Many business solutions companies are only organized to solve other businesses’ problems and to provide them a suitable way. They have several business software lists for specific purposes which include the small business management software and software that supports POS systems. These business solution companies’ main aim is to provide ease and reliability to the businessman and employees working under them.


Gentec is one of those companies, who provides the best business solutions software for their customers who want ease and relaxation in their work. Here are some customized software modules provided by Gentec.


Customize Software Modules

Procurement Module (inventory management)

The procurement module is used in the public sector, which also includes the hospitality and services industries. Procurement is a process where the purchaser of goods and supplies maintains all the records of buying the supplies, managing their bills and payments, negotiating with the supplier of that goods, arranging the documents of the purchase and supplies of the overall process, and then analyzing the workflow. The procurement module is applied to both raw material and finished goods when it comes to inventory management.


Gentec :offers you managing your inventory procurement module, where we will run all your purchase and supplies details. Your business is our business, so we will make an in-depth understanding between us and identify the right supplier for you who fulfills your requirement. We will negotiate with your given amount, which will provide you with the highest values at the minimum cost.


Production (Raw Material Management)

Raw material management is a burdensome task when the supplies are in bulk. Managing the costs, bills, payments, the wastage during the production, and the amount of production with those goods all come under one roof. Your production business needs a trustworthy and observant team to handle all of these tasks.

Gentec provides you with a team you can trust with your raw material management products. They will be supervising your stock production from scratch to end. Gentec will take your material as theirs and will generate revenue from the produced materials.


Sales Module

When a company assures you that they will provide you with the sales module, it means they will organize and manage your sales quotation, Sales order, Delivery note, Sales invoice, Debit note. Moreover, they will look after your order placement, order scheduling, and shipping. The sales module is a plan in which the company will make strategies to raise your sales rates.

Gentec is one of those systematic companies that will make a specific sales module for you, keeping your product in view and ensuring that your sales rates will be on the highest level beyond your expectations.


Financial Module

A financial module is a software program that collects financial data and initiates financial reports on it. The reports can be the balance sheets, trial sheets, general ledgers, or the financial status or statement. With the help of this module, it can be easy for the financial management to communicate with the vendors or the customers, and it also maintains the records of the financial condition. 

Gentec provides you with the financial module solution honestly and supportively and helps you with all the financial procedures you will face.



HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System. A brilliant HR department needs an easy way to have control and check over their employees and their progress. The HRIS software helps in tracking the progress of the employees, their accounts, and payrolls. Moreover, the HRIS system helps in maintaining the future goals, the HR team prepares its schedule according to the needs of the organization and then the HRIS system makes it easy for them to work according to the requirements.

Gentec delivers you the HRIS software because they know managing HR is as important as managing the whole organization.


SMS Module

When a customer ends up shopping in your superstore, or when they just picked up the order from your cafe or restaurant, when your clothing brand is about to bust a sale of the year, you will always be wishing to let all of them know about what will happen next or what’s new will happen. SMS module is software designed for these businesses. It is software where your desired message will reach all of your customers with just one click.

Gentec is offering this software named GenSMS for your business, and it aims to spread your business to your daily customers and make them remind you what you have for them.

Field Force Solution

Field force software helps in tracking the activities of the sales teams. Sales teams generate profit and for that, they have to make certain moves. These moves and strategies may include meetings, traveling, calling, and more. This helps an organization to look after every activity their sales teams are doing. Field force solution is software that helps the organization track their teams and make their work more efficient and fast.

Gentec is providing you with the field force software which is reliable for your organization and they give you an entire business solution with it.



In the conclusion of this discussion, we acknowledged the importance of business solutions and how these solutions are impacting our business industry. This shows that these business solution companies or the business solution consultant are playing a great role in making our businesses effortless and the tasks which were difficult to manage are now considered as a piece of cake. Moreover, we got to know about the different business solutions software and how we can use this software in our daily business chores.

The trustworthy company Gentec is helping out their clients in their businesses by developing the best solutions for their needs and demands.

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