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Uninterrupted support is the key to the success of any ERP solution. Our restaurant ERP Solution is specially designed to help users manage their restaurant establishments. Some platforms have features related to customer interactions, like those found in point of sale (POS) systems, but often restaurant management software focuses on the processes behind the scenes, such as restaurant staff scheduling, inventory management, and accounting.

Using specialized software to manage your restaurant offers several advantages over manual methods such as pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets. These include:

  • Reduce duplicate entries
  • Fewer errors
  • More accurate forecast
  • Customer satisfaction

We are flexible in our approach and have the restaurant accounting expertise to provide you with an effective solution. Our ERP solution is a highly configurable software solution designed to bridge the gap between a restaurant and an ERP solution. We help restaurant owners focus on customers, managers manage operations efficiently and make it easy for accountants to prepare financial statements. Be smarter and grow faster.

Solutions Key Features

  • Point Of Sales (POS) With Touch Interface
  • Restaurant Reception Waiting System
  • KOD Control System With Timely Alerts
  • Production System (With Kitchen Demand Based On Recipe)
  • Perfect & Fast Billing
  • Sales Return Or Exchange
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Physical Stock Taking
  • Customer SMS Notification
  • Tables Management
  • Hold Bill Option
  • Customer Feedback On Tablet
  • Shift Opening Closing

Our Modules

Restaurant ERP assists in managing and controlling the overall functions and operations of the restaurant ranging from ordering to receiving of the meal. It automates and digitalizes the restaurant management process from manual to computerized.  

Point Of Sales (POS)

Restaurant Reception Waiting

Kot Control

Customer Feedback

Inventory Control

Production Recipe


Financial Accounting

Time Office & Payroll

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