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Software Privacy & Policy

Coding for the software will include testing, quality assurance, debugging and deploying the software.

All licensing requirements for operating system, tools, database and applications will be the responsibility of client.

All operating system, hardware and infrastructure configuration and issues resolution will be performed by client.

The application software cost does not include cost of database engine (SQL Server), which will be required for multi-user installation.

You will not share this proposal with any third party to study our specified business Solutions.

Client will assign a dedicated staff to communicate with the representative of GENTEC .

GENTEC Name & Contact details will be printed on all of the reports & sales receipt.

Software deployment, setting up to network and connectivity will be the responsibility of the client. Likewise, database administrator, backup and optimization will also be handled by the client resources.

Any additional customization / reporting after scope work defines will be charged separately.

Due to the rise in the cost of salaries and utilities each year, the maintenance cost would be increase yearly by 15% of the maintenance cost.

If you purchase any of our software product and later on any software bound mishap occurred within the period of (3) months, and then you want to return it.

  •  GENTEC while having ‘no return policy’
  • We will voluntarily assist you in the new deployment of your any branch / location software.
  • GENTEC will adjust your receiving payment on new proposal value.

GENTEC will not be liable for any corruption of company data.

GENTEC will not be liable for any loss, wrong data entry / deletion of the data after the deployment of the software.

GENTEC will require a project satisfaction letter/email within 30 working days after the completion of the project.