Shoes & Bags Erp Solution

Shoes and Bags ERP Solution with FBR

Multi Branches Control Complete Solution

Footwear and handbags are one of the largest and maximum vital segments of the shoe industry. Our ERP software program for shoes and purses offers priceless advantages to manufacturers looking to lessen charges, manage growth, streamline approaches and benefit from a competitive gain over competitors.

but, the right ERP software industry allows the coordination of all particular business procedures and ensures that the proper products are stocked to satisfy purchaser desires. An ERP gadget particular to footwear and purses recognizes the complexity of ordering products and the importance of ensuring that clients get exactly what they need after they want it.


  • Tight delivery chain management.
  • keep compliance
  • improve stock management
  • lessen waste
  • Ever-changing customer desires
  • regulate fees

GENTEC enables shoe and bag producers to stand out. to be had on-premises, within the cloud, and on the net, it’s far more beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as huge enterprises that have their manufacturing plant life in more than one place. agencies of all sizes can save on IT infrastructure and renovation charges with GENTEC.

Solutions Key Features

  • Matrix Item Management
  • Sale On Multiple Payment Modes (Cash/Credit)
  • Hold Bill Option
  • Sales Return Or Exchange
  • Physical Stock Taking
  • Hourly Sale Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Discount Features
  • Black Whole Item Report
  • Fast Moving Item Report
  • MIS Dashboard

Our Modules

ERP Solution for Shoes and Bags optimizes the lower costs through efficiency, more efficient management of operations. It ensures business processes and integral and strategic management control which allows better management of all stages of the production process. 


Inventory Control


Warehouse Management

Financial Accounting

Loyalty / Privilege Card

MIS Reorting on Mobile App

Time Office & Payroll

Our Clientele

Certificate /Membership / Achivement

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