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What is GEN eCommerce

GENTEC introduced GEN eCOMMERCE, a website development platform which is important for any business, it is very effective medium to communicate and reach out the masses, as each business is different, and each website is different.

GEN eCOMMERCE analyze your needs and recommend what would be the best combination for you. GEN eCOMMERCE worked with many different industries and understand each customer’s needs. Modern and dynamic design is necessary to face the competition in the online world. With today’s technology, website design already has a wider scope, where the design must support a variety of online devices such as tablets, smartphones, and multiple web browsers.

There are many different kinds of website possible. However from the business perspective there are only two main types of websites that you should select from. They are static website and dynamic e-commerce website. The website types’ names are a big give away on what to expect from each type of website. Here is a slightly detailed explanation on each one of them to help you make the important decision on the type of website that you require.

Build for creativity. Perfectly responsive Traditional website themes rely on complicated CSS changes if you want to configure your sites responsiveness perfectly. Slider Revolution offers 100% control over the position of any element on each device size. Typography Looking to use any of the hundreds of available google fonts? No, problem! Just choose the font from a list and Slider Revolution will load just the needed additional font files. Save time Choosing from a huge library of pre-made templates, you can setup your website without building everything from scratch. Pick the designs you like, change the content and you're done!

Hand-crafted power.

SEO Ready With slide content that is fully indexed by search engines there is no reason not to use Slider Revolution for your content. Markup tags can also be defined for layers. Speedy loading times Good looks aren’t everything, so we made sure that Slider Revolution also loads lightning fast! The loaded core file size automatically scales with the used features. Premium Content In addition to tons of slider templates we also offer free add-ons to further improve the possibilities of Slider Revolution.

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