Field Force Management Cloud Tracking Solution

Field Force Tracking Solution

Multi Branches Control Complete Solution

Many corporations have direct income groups or have large numbers of personnel running in one-of-a-kind components for us and the world. They sell products face-to-face with customers, acquire products, gather records, or even pressure humans to fill out paperwork… This good-sized staff runs the area. How can we manipulate our funding? How are we able to align our effects with our investments? Or is it even better to try modifying present field plans?

Closing consumer pleasure is the final game, and proper discipline and service control are the methods for reaping it. Subject provider control solutions are more robust than ever, giving managers and subject technicians the tools to streamline operations and maximize productivity. Each subject service control software program has its features and blessings; however, the ones indexed below are typically found in our ERP solution:

  • Mobility
  • More real-time intelligence and automation
  • Wearables: VR/AR
  • More Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Third-Party Integration

Choosing a flexible, scalable, and adaptable field service solution is critical. Field service management today includes using IoT and wearable technology to automate real-time data, streamline operations, increase productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

Solutions Key Features

  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Mobile Application
  • User Tracking On G-Map
  • Tracking via Markers
  • Tracking via Polyline
  • Tracking via Direction
  • GEO Tagging
  • Compliant Ratio Comparison
  • SMS Notification

Key Benefits

Increase Sales Leads

Increase Efficiency

Increase Chances of Making Right Decision

Increase Field Team’s Productivity

Increase Data Security

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