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Bakers & Sweets Solutions with FBR

Multi Branches Control Complete Solution

Food manufacturing or bakery companies can improve their performance if they adopt the right business tool, such as a powerful ERP solution. This software for the bakery industry can forecast and coordinate customer needs, control capital flow, focus on sales, and improve core business operations all on a single platform. Integrating ERP systems with bakery businesses helps:

* Track and cost products and associated products

* Real-time inventory tracking

* Tracking two-way product orders to overcome false customer callbacks and transparently audit trail.

* Need to support inventory rotation methods such as FIFO (First in, First Out), and LIFO (Last in, first out) to sort inventory by expiration date.

* Efficient warehouse management to track and trace ingredients and finished products.

* Forecasting supply and demand to adjust production and build the exact cost of finished products.

If your growing bakery industry needs help with coordinating business operations, our Sweets and Bakery ERP is the right solution. Owners often choose our ERP solution because of its rich batch production capabilities and user-friendly interface.


Solutions Key Features

    • Point Of Sales (POS) With Touch Interface
    • Perfect & Fast Billing
    • Sale On Multiple Payment Modes (Cash/Credit
    • Hold Bill Option
    • Comprehensive Point Of Sales Data Entry
    • Production System (With Kitchen Demand Based on Recipe)
    • Purchase Invoice
    • Sales Return Or Exchange
    • Physical Stock Taking
    • Slow Movement Report
    • Hourly Sale Live Dashboard
    • Comprehensive Discount Features
    • Shift Opening Closing

Our Modules

Point Of Sales (POS)


MIS Reporting on Mobile App

Warehouse Management

Inventory Control

Production Recipe

Financial Accounting

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