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Distribution ERP System:

Multi Branches Control Complete Solution

ERP is a solution that integrates all areas of your business, including finance, supplier and customer communication, EDI, warehousing, analytics, demand planning, imports, and transportation. ERP has a place for that. Many vendors offer custom solutions that allow you to manage each of these departments independently.

Our Distribution ERP Solution offers all of the same as above. It provides exactly the functionality of a common ERP. It is a solution specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of the industry and the requirements of industries within this industry. Distribution ERP software manages shipping and transportation logistics, helps forecast product demand, supports On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) requirements, tracks inventory levels, and provides integrated EDI services to allow calculation of actual landed costs. A good distribution ERP also handles the direct delivery of goods from suppliers to customers, manages chargebacks, and classifies customer discounts, loyalty, and commissions.

All of this affects profitability. This is the solution used by all departments, from sales to warehousing, logistics, and accounting, to consolidate data and synchronize operations. A distribution ERP allows teams to work from the same real-time information, making it easier to run a distribution business.


Solutions Key Features:

  • Perfect & Fast Billing
  • Generic Searching Option
  • Salesman Wise Sales Tracking
  • Area Wise Sales Tracking
  • Booker Wise Sales Tracking
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Party Wise Outstanding Balance Alert
  • Post-Dated Cheques Controlling
  • Hold Bill Option
  • Physical Stock Taking
  • Slow Movement Report


Distribution ERP Software is used to determine the product demand and ensure that products get sold and are delivered on time. The Distribution ERP System is mainly used by departments in charge of inventory, warehouse and logistics. 


Inventory Control

Sales & Distribution

Salesman Handling

Branch Management

Warehouse Management

Financial Accounting

SMS Notification

MIS Reporting on Mobile App

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