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Super Market

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Supermarket Solutions with FBR

Multi Branches Control Complete Solution

A supermarket is a market with fierce competition in nature. High turnover rates and low-profit margins make every sale worth it. Usually, supermarkets use supermarket or retail systems. Therefore, the management needs a retail ERP system for supermarkets to help them centralize information, and increase efficiency and sales.

Using an ERP solution can help you maintain inventory and employee productivity. The software can also manage inventory and warehousing, build customer loyalty, and deliver accurate sales records from any location in minutes. In addition, purchasing management is much easier with the Approval Matrix. Buyers don’t have to wait too long to approve a purchase request and can proceed on the same platform.

Our ERP solution benefits:

  • Quicker transactions
  • Share data and information easily
  • Reduced customer waiting time
  • Provides data in real-time.
  • Managed consumers and finances

Luckily, our ERP Solution is integrated with a sales management program that can automate the pricing management and stores its pricing history along with its discounts if any. The calculations in the checkout system are also detailed and complete. Our supermarket ERP solution’s included features can improve business performance, resulting in higher profits.


Solutions Key Features

  • Perfect & Fast Billing
  • Sale On Multiple Payment Modes (Cash/Credit)
  • Hold Bill Option.
  • Comprehensive Point Of Sales Data Entry
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Sales Return Or Exchange
  • Physical Stock Taking
  • Slow Movement Report
  • Hourly Sale Live Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Discount Features
  • Shift Opening Closing

Our Modules

Point Of Sales (POS)

Express Counter / Dc Counter

Marchant Card Sale Record


Inventory Control

Expiry Management

Financial Accounting

SMS Notification

Time Office & Payroll

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