Crockery cultery Erp Solution

Crockery & Cutlery Solution with FBR

Multi Branches Control Complete Solution

Manufacturing kitchen utensils and other gadgets serve a very important purpose in every household as new products are launched every day. Both small and large manufacturers strive for the same results, but there are different categories of devices inside and outside each manufacturer. It takes time to fill. GENTEC has developed an application to help manufacture such products.

Our Crockery ERP Solution includes:

  • Professional Invoicing
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Check Inventory Anytime
  • Automatic Backups
  • Customer Payment Reminders
  • Business Dashboard
  • Accounts Receivable/Payments
  • Invoice Sharing
  • Buy/Sell Orders

Crockery producers face the problem of maintaining different prices per item for different types of customers, primarily based on the purchase price and use price codes to set prices. The internal product designation and imprint designation are typically different for each tableware. For all this, inventory offers solutions specifically tailored to your flatware business.

Solutions Key Features

  • Perfect & Fast Billing
  • Sale On Multiple Payment Modes (Cash/Credit)
  • Hold Bill Option.
  • Comprehensive Point Of Sales Data Entry
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Sales Return Or Exchange
  • Physical Stock Taking
  • Slow Movement Report
  • Hourly Sale Live Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Discount Features
  • Shift Opening Closing

Our Modules

ERP System manages the supermarket in terms of inventory, sales, warehouse management, accounting, finance, procurement and POS System. ERP Supermarket System contains such features that will assist you in managing your business more profoundly. 

Point Of Sales (POS)

Express Counter / Dc Counter

Marchant Card Sale Record


Inventory Control

Expiry Management

Financial Accounting

SMS Notification

Time Office & Payroll

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