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The CRM Complaint Management System module enables every business operator to have a complaint management system that supports multiple channels integration, advance reporting functions, and across the board unionized platform which supports incoming inquiries.

In a technology-surrounded world, people can approach you from any angle to let their queries be answered. So it is inevitable for the business operators to filter the visitors’ query, respond to it, and then categorize it according to its nature. The complaint management software gathers all the incoming developments from several channels and then manages it under one central operational channel to assist their agents to respond to visitors fastly.
The CRM Complaint Management System performs the process of handling, managing, responding to, and reporting customer grievances. This very process needs a centralized sequential approach and continuous evaluation to assure rapid query resolutions.

The CRM Complaint Management System when it receives any query from the customer end and directs its path to the right concerned person. This process can be done manually but with the systematic process, it automatically reaches the designated authority. This measure tends to reduce the task from getting delayed. This CRM Complaint Management Software automates the process to assist their agents to faster resolve the visitors’ queries.

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