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Case Study: How A Pakistani Restaurant Improved Efficiency With A Point-Of-Sale System


On November 10th, 1988, Bar B.B.Q. Tonight first started serving genuine Pakistani meals and dishes. Sincere efforts made by the restaurant’s founders effectively earned it a reputation for quality and cleanliness. They were able to achieve their goal because of their willpower and energy, which gained them admirers both domestically and overseas.

This case study shows how the best Point-Of-Sale system for restaurants enables franchisees to run their businesses and maintain an advantage in the global restaurant industry. All commercial enterprise areas require a point of sale terminal.

They must be the first rapid business to expand across the nation.

Challenging circumstances an upgraded Point-Of-Sale System:

The buyer was looking for a reliable Point-Of-Sale system that would allow them to influence various locations with their quick boom technique easily.

  • the systematic filing of data.
  • create a plan to lower order-taking error rates by employees.
  • create software that can accept online orders.
  • use customer information to expand successful marketing campaigns
  • improve inventory tracking to cut waste

Finding a single Point-Of-Sale system that could meet all of these requirements became the task at hand.

It was difficult to handle tables and order processing after learning that the customer was experiencing issues with an older point of sale machine. Additionally, internet ordering has not been available to customers. These factors led to them suffering major losses and having to deal with unclear business plans and procedures. A green Point-Of-Sale system solution was found to recreate the dead firm.

Important challenges the client wanted to be fulfilled with the new Point-Of-Sale system:

  • enhancing consumer comfort and mobility
  • support reward programs and discounts to protect customer and business security,
  • boost productivity, and lower compliance costs.
  • beautify Pay at the desk and on-the-go invoices
  • operations should be more efficient.

Solution provided with Point-Of-Sale system: 

The new best point of sale system included a wide range of cutting-edge features and functionalities to meet the customer’s operating demands right away.

The point of sale terminal for online and mobile ordering included a comfortable in-store ordering feature that made ordering and paying easy. A customer’s smartphone request is immediately fulfilled in the kitchen. The order automatically includes the workstation kind to guarantee that the meal is delivered to the correct area.

This Point-Of-Sale system enables the user only to accept swiped, online, NFC, and EMV payments at the desk. The Point-Of-Sale system for restaurants includes alternatives for coupons, loyalty programs, and suggestions.

With the help of the bank’s flexible loyalty features, a complete system that, among other things, awarded users immediate rewards simply based on the coins they spent, was created. The promotion attracted lots of clients by providing a signup bonus reward. The software was able to swiftly gather useful visitor data that could be applied to advertising and direct marketing.

The restaurant found the application’s multi-unit control system and business reporting tools to be just what they needed. The introduction of new locations and system-wide menu updates were made very simple, which freed up operations staff to concentrate more on expanding the business and less on technical tasks.


Point-Of-Sale system – Mobile application: 

GENTEC developed a Point-Of-Sale system with a mobile app for its customer that makes it simple and quick to make food reservations. Customers can order food, track the status of their orders, find nearby restaurants, track loyalty points, and consider appealing offers near them with the aid of mobile applications.

This mobile app allows the buyer’s customer to:

  • Find nearby restaurants to eat at
  • View appropriate deals
  • Place an order and pay for it online

The advantages:

Customers can automate and manage their entire ordering process with the use of GENTEC’s Point-Of-Sale system for restaurants. This machine offers excellent time-saving capabilities and features. With this device, the customer receives the following advantages: the multi-unit control equipment and company reporting features offered with the program’s help had been the same equipment the restaurant needed. The launch of additional sites and system-wide menu changes were made very straightforward, allowing operations staff to focus less on technical duties and more on growing the company.

Mobile utility:

GENTEC developed a mobile application for their client.

  • By 30% to 40%, administrative costs had reduced for delivery.
  • Customers paid far more quickly.
  • advance document protection.
  • the continuous growth of more than 40%.

The buyers are successfully running their business with our Point-Of-Sale system, thanks to the new point of sale machine, giving them more time to spend in the dining area talking with and serving their clients. The ease and speed with which GENTEC implemented the point of sale terminal, as well as how the software simplifies many of their procedures, more than inspired them.

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