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Operational Efficiency

This software is aimed at, to assist the said enterprises in boosting operational efficiency.



Business Mobility

This software is aimed at, to assist the said enterprises in boosting Business Mobility.



Customer Networks

This software is aimed at, to assist the said enterprises in boosting Business Mobility.


What is Business Solutions PRO

GENTEC introduced Business Solutions Pro that is one of the core products of the software company, which is specifically designed for ease to access with the new native mobile app for Android and iOS – wherever you are, you can access; without any hassle. BS PRO is an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning systems which can be accessed through hand-held-control devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Closing consumer pleasure is the final game, and proper discipline and service control are the methods for reaping it. Subject provider control solutions are more robust than ever, giving managers and subject technicians the tools to streamline operations and maximize productivity. Each subject service control software program has its features and blessings; however, the ones indexed below are typically found in our ERP solution:

  • Mobility
  • More real-time intelligence and automation
  • Wearables: VR/AR
  • More Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Third-Party Integration

Choosing a flexible, scalable, and adaptable field service solution is critical. Field service management today includes using IoT and wearable technology to automate real-time data, streamline operations, increase productivity, and increase customer satisfaction

Key Benefits of Portable BS PRO ERP App for Android and iOS for your Company

Real-time access

Connects to BS PRO in real time – you will always have access to up-to-date information.

Extend your functionality

Unlock More With Business Solution PRO Get the Extended functionality with mobile App.

Automatic synchronization

Changes made in the mobile app are updated and synced in BS PRO automatically.

Mobile device integration

Leverage the unique capabilities of your mobile device such as the camera or fingerprint reader.

Edges of hand-held control ERP:

Cloud Storage – Cloud-based mobile ERP applications simplify day-to-day business operations by reducing the complexity associated with manual recording of information. Mobile ERPs are flexible enough to streamline processes but without impacting operational efficiency.

Improved Data Quality – The foundation of any ERP system is the data that is fed into the system. The ERP system is as good as the input data. Collecting data via a mobile app and inputting it to the ERP system, assures your ERP system is more effective.

Greater Visibility – With mobile ERP, it becomes very convenient to track the activities of more than one business location. Business operations across different work departments and locations can be easily tracked from the comfort of your mobile handheld device.

Competitive Advantage – Mobile ERPs have access to real-time on-the-stop information related to business accounts, which is helpful for companies to improve their competitive advantage.