BS Pro

Privacy Policy

This ERP application, BS-PRO indicated that the application’s privacy features might have include the data handling in a sensitive way as mentioned below:

How we manage your privacy:

This software has many services to offer to help you run your business that includes the hosting of your own database. While being part of your company we collect all type of data that we need to for the critical safety of your data.

What type of data is collected?

The data we need for reporting i-e account and contact data.
We collect the data for sales order form i-e customer database
We collect the data for sales invoice form
We ask for customer’s location to enhance the experience

How we use your information?

We use your contact data and customer database in order to connect with the customers and provide them with our services from basic billing to advance account management. We also use this information for marketing and communication purposes. We also analyze the recorded data anonymously for security purpose.
We make sure to keep your private information secure like your location which is asked to look closely at the insights, experience and attention provided to know the unique needs that your business requires.