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Medical & Pharmacy Solution with FBR

Multi Branches Control Complete Solution

It should be understood that the main goal of the pharmaceutical industry is to provide medicines and solutions that help patients eradicate health problems. Difficulties arise when you have to make decisions about your customers and their purchasing behavior.

Our Medical and Pharmacy ERP systems can ensure data integrity and eliminate data duplication. This potential of the software allows you to streamline processes and increase data transparency. It effectively eliminates the need to maintain various databases and spreadsheets related to financing and company operations that employees must manually mix to generate reports. Our ERP will give you better finance, better inventory, better sales and CRM, and better patient care. Pharmaceutical companies can also benefit from our ERP when managing orders. ERP can be an important element in helping and guiding pharmaceutical companies by providing supplier information, price comparisons, and more.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are looking for a comprehensive system that can coordinate all business modules including accounting, inventory, and human resources. Our Medical allows you to utilize a distribution-oriented and forward-looking ERP system for various businesses. To develop and promote a company, ERP provides a forward-looking perspective.


Solutions Key Features

  • Perfect & Fast Billing
  • Sale On Multiple Payment Mode (Cash/Credit)
  • Comprehensive Point Of Sales Data Entry
  • Generic Searching Option
  • Hold Bill Option
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Sales Return Or Exchange
  • Physical Stock Taking
  • Slow Movement Report
  • Hourly Sale Live Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Discount Features
  • Shift Opening Closing

Our Modules

Pharmacy ERP Systems handles and aligns all retail operations, inclusive of meeting the retailers’ requirements by managing, monitoring and keep tracking of thousands of medicines, their names, their expiry dates, and their batches. Along with other functionalities. 

Point Of Sales (POS)

Express Counter / Dc Counter

Loyalty / Privilege Card


Inventory Control

Expiry Management

Financial Accounting

SMS Notification

Time Office & Payroll

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