Apparel & Garments Erp Solution

Apparel/Garments ERP System with FBR

Multi Branches Control Complete Solution

Most profitable Apparel entrepreneurs would say that ERP software plays a key role in their success. Our Apparel ERP software is a set of features designed to manage the ordering, inventory, and assembly of apparel and other items. Create different products using a matrix of colors, sizes, graphics, and patterns to set seasons and apparel lines.

Our Apparel/Garments ERP software solution automatically generates orders and offers extensive functionality to simplify your business processes. It allows you to track order status, change bills of materials and designs, facilitate easy transfer of bills of materials to work orders, track products along the way, perform small-lot processing, and process orders in a streamlined and systematic manner. This promotes time management, better organization, and employee efficiency. Our ERP system allows manufacturers to have an overview of materials and resources to avoid overflows and out-of-stocks. Manufacturers can easily view real-time business data to make quick and intelligent decisions to respond to change.

Everything in the right place reduces manual errors, improves time management, increases employee satisfaction, and reduces operating and administrative costs.

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Solutions Key Features

  • Matrix Item Management
  • Sale On Multiple Payment Modes (Cash/Credit
  • Hold Bill Option
  • Sales Return Or Exchange.
  • Physical Stock Taking
  • Hourly Sale Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Discount Features
  • Black Whole Item Report
  • Fast Moving Item Report
  • MIS Dashboard

Our Modules

This ERP Software System contributes to the ordering and producing process. Apparel and Garments software product facilitates features such as personalization, product showcase, completion of sales order, inventory management and planning.


Inventory Control


Warehouse Management

Financial Accounting

Loyalty / Privilege Card

MIS Reorting on Mobile App

Time Office & Payroll

Our Clientele

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