GEN Price is a price checker tool that allows you to check the increase or decrease in the prices of products. It recognizes the price and allows one to start checking the price of the products in one click. To check a price, one needs to open a product in which one is interested in, click the “Check Price” button and select a block with a price. One can see all the pricings, the history of changes, configure filters or delete unnecessary prices in the watch list. It incorporates, real time competitor analysis, keep track of your competition, price and stock change alerts. It offers plug-n-play operation where the user do not have to face any hassle in turning on and turning off it, it is integrated with the system where it gets automated. It can be connected and synchronized with any current and brought-to-be software.

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  • Cost-benefit effective
  • High quality and reliability
  • Compact size
  • Aesthetic design
  • Low price
  • Price history
  • Price drop alert
  • Back in-stock alert